"Everyone deserves an opportunity to accomplish their dream."

- Tim Behling

Areas of Expertise

Branding | Nonprofit Management | Community Outreach 

Professional Development | Strategy Implementation


Need A Professional Resume?

Tim is a Certified Professional Resume Writer holding such prestige since 2017 w/ 5+ years of writing experience.

Resume pricing starts at $45.00

 2 - 3 business day turnaround

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Thinking of Starting A Nonprofit?

Since becoming the Founder of SUCCESSTEAM in 2015, Tim has developed one of the most influential nonprofits throughout the southeastern region - learn the art of defining your mission, attracting sponsors, and creating effective programs.


Want To Master The Art of Professionalism?

I launched Build-A-Pro, LLC to assist in the strategic advancement of job seekers with a desire to increase professional marketability - learn the strategy behind crafting effective emails, communication, and long-term relationship building.


Looking to Build A Profitable Brand?

Entrepreneurship is the key to providing yourself the opportunities that haven't been offered thus far - learn the importance of vision statement management, longevity, and sustainability.