Who is Tim Behling?

Updated: May 9, 2020

Adjective ad·​jec·​tive|\ˈa-jik-tiv
:a word belonging to one of the major form classes in any of numerous languages and typically serving as a modifier of a noun to denote a quality of the thing named, to indicate its quantity or extent, or to specify a thing as distinct from something else

// The word red in "the red car" is an adjective.

Describing yourself could be the most mind-wrecking task in the life of one who plans to succeed due to the fact "describing" feels more like "defining"

...and defining seems like a forever thing.

Tim Behling is a Leader.

Tim Behling is Mentor.

Tim Behling is an Educator.

Tim Behling is a Taurus.

Tim Behling is an Award Winner.

Tim Behling is a College Graduate.

Tim Behling is a native of Aiken County, SC.

Tim Behling is the only Son from a loving mother of 3.

Tim is the middle Brother of 2 sisters who he'll always keep his eye on.

Tim Behling is a 8th Grandchild of the most inspirational Grandmother a guy could for.

Tim Behling is the future Husband to a nurturing wife.

Tim Behling is a Lover of Macaroni & Cheese, Hip-Hop, & Sports.

Tim Behling is a Friend; not to many but anyone willing to reciprocate positive energy.

Tim Behling is a Guy who has a deep desire to Change things for the better.

Tim Behling is an Admirer of Effort & a Sympathizer for Try-ers.

Tim Behling is a Fanatic for Development.

Tim Behling is a Advocate for Creativity.

Tim Behling is a Mentor.

Tim Behling is a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Tim Behling is the President of Build-A-Pro, LLC.

Tim Behling is a Director of Program Development.

Tim Behling is the Founder of SUCCESSTEAM.

Tim Behling is ME, throughout my current phase of life which will always change due my ability to understand that who I am today won't be enough for me to achieve my tomorrow's goals. Nice to make your acquaintance; definitely a pleasure.

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