"My life has been a dedication to accomplishing

something bigger than myself."

- Tim Behling

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Who Is Tim Behling?

Tim Behling is a millennial leader whose passion for creation has led him to develop entrepreneurial ventures based upon education & overall development. Born on April 30, 1994 in Aiken, South Carolina; he's the only son and middle child of his mother, Margaret & 8th grandchild of Ruby Mae Bessix. 

He's a home-grown graduate of the local educational institutions; both Aiken Technical College & the University of South Carolina-Aiken becoming a 2x Associates Degree recipient and first-generation Bachelors Degree recipient.

Currently, he is the Founder of 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, SUCCESSTEAM, President of Build-A-Pro, LLC, & one of the most influential Millennial leaders throughout the southeastern region.

His Journey

Since the age of 14, Tim has placed priority on leadership and building a reputable legacy that would impact his family, community, and future leaders to come. At age 19; he chose to focus on community outreach, entrepreneurship, & youth mentorship.

SUCCESSTEAM is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization specializing in Educational Youth Development, which he founded in 2015, to enhance and expose community youth to the limitless opportunities life has to offer.

The South Carolina native set his on sights on developing into an asset throughout his community at the age of 19, accumulating years of professional experience within the fields of youth mentorship, event coordination, and nonprofit management. His ability to connect with young leaders, ages 13 – 18, inspired the creation of programs including:


  1. Big Brother “A Fellowship of Young Men Looking to Become Real Men”

  2. College Bound: The College Tours

  3. Prospering Young Dreamers Back to School Bookbag Drive

  4. Prospering Young Dreamers Academic Scholarship

  5. Night of Champions "A Gala Celebrating Community Efforts & Achievement"

In 2017, Tim recognized the evolution of the highly competitive employment scene and invested in his professional development. Utilizing his marketing experience combined with his natural love for writing to become a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and active member of the renowned Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches leading to the launch of Build-A-Pro, LLC.

Build-A-Pro is a career advancement service provider specializing in the creation of professional résumés, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters. His motivation was derived from his desire to assist job seekers in their ability to increase marketability throughout the pursuit of profitable employment.

In 2018, the following year, Tim became a first-generation 4-year institution college graduate of the University of South Carolina-Aiken receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. This achievement would mark the reception of his 4th post-secondary educational accolade which includes two Associate degrees in Management & Marketing as well as one Marketing Specialist Certificate from Aiken Technical College. In 2022, Tim is expected to graduate with his MBA from South Carolina State University.

Throughout his journey toward the accomplishment of his overall goal of becoming an established leader throughout entrepreneurship and community involvement; Tim has received numerous awards and notable recognition acknowledging his commitment to service.

When asked what motivates him to keep going, Tim responds by saying;


The fact that, statistically; I was written off as an individual who would only amount to the minimum, if anything at all, is more than enough to keep me going. I wake up every day with the goal of connecting with others and helping them see the value within themselves. If you believe in you, no obstacle is too large.”

Awards & Notable Recognitions


Awards & Notable Recognitions

Drum Major Award 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.


Awards & Notable Recognitions

Young Professional 2 Follow 

Aiken Standard, Daily News


Awards & Notable Recognitions

Black History Month Honoree 

 University of South Carolina – Aiken


Awards & Notable Recognitions

Man of the Year 

 Dapper Distinguished Men Society

American Red Cross

Hero Award 

 Aiken County American Red Cross

Heart of Gold Award 

 University of South Carolina – Aiken


Awards & Notable Recognitions

Palmetto Boys State Alum  

The State of South Carolina